MATT SPICE COMPANY, is an ingredient supplier head quartered at London, Ontario, Canada. MSC was formed by a group of ingredient industry veterans to meet the ever-growing demand for quality, natural and organic ingredients in  the Americas, and rest of the world. We aim to evolve into a one stop solution to all your natural and organic ingredient requirements, focused on delivering quality products coupled with excellent service. Our sole intention is to make the people feel the exquisite taste of spices from the land of Kerala, also known as the spice capital of India.

    We are evolving in all aspects to become one of the world’s largest spice, natural extracts, seasonings, fragrance ingredients and flavour supplier.

     We deal with all kinds of spices, powder extracts, spice oils, spice oleoresins, seasonings, food flavours, natural colours, fragrance ingredients etc., which caters to all your taste needs.
The world today has already realized the adverse effect of processed food intake, which has contributed to hyperactivity and increased rate of diseases such as cancer and obesity. One of the major factors for these diseases are added artificial ingredients.

    We strongly believe in the concept of ‘nature centric’ lifestyle and this has inspired us to represent various products through our partners that will help to replace various artificial Ingredients which already has many known and unknown health and environmental hazards.

Mission & Vision


Our mission is to provide our customers the best quality products by innovation and to focus on the well-being of our users. This includes to provide developed solutions, that spread across multiple cuisines and cultures, by focusing on the core of our work, being constant quality control and the preferences of our customers.


Our end goal is to establish ourselves as the most trusted brand among our valuable customers, by providing solutions to every challenge and by ensuring great quality and variety in our products.

Our objective is to become the market leader in spices, oleoresins, natural flavours, and colour by providing 100% natural products to our valuable customers, thereby enhancing the health of our users. We know that we will achieve our goals through fair performance, innovating with maximum commitment, and delivering superb quality.

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